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06 April 2017

Global Graphics showcases industrial print line-up at InPrint USA

Global Graphics’ ScreenPro, an innovative screening technology that allows single-pass inkjet presses to achieve significantly enhanced image quality, along with a new engineering service, BreakThrough, will be highlighted by Global Graphics Software at InPrint 2017 on booth 1738.

When deployed across a broad range of applications such as packaging, décor and textile, ScreenPro can maintain application specific print characteristics whilst significantly improving the output quality of designs and images, especially those with graduations, or a full range of tonality. By improving print quality and smoothness, ScreenPro maximizes the color gamut of the printer achieving consistent repeatable colors.

Justin Bailey, Global Graphics’ VP of sales comments: “Industrial printer manufacturers developing high-productivity machines utilising high-resolution technology need to know they can achieve consistent, accurate printing relatively quickly. When ScreenPro and Breakthrough are deployed in tandem, print quality performance is enhanced and time to market is reduced.”

ScreenPro can be applied to any workflow and is also compatible with Fundamentals, Global Graphics’ set of building blocks that are essential to creating a digital front end.  

ScreenPro, the digital inkjet screen that can be tuned to a specific press

ScreenPro varies the ink droplet patterns on the substrate, helping to avoid over-inking, mottling and streaking – problems that are frustrating many industrial printer manufacturers. The technology is the result of extensive research and sees technicians measure test prints from single-pass inkjet presses with grayscale heads or multiple nozzle bars and process the results through Global Graphics’ Digital Print Quality Optimizer tool. This calculates optimized patterning and overlaps for the various ink drop sizes available to overcome common high-speed inkjet press problems. Global Graphics measures the printing characteristics of the press and calculates optimal changes in the dot patterning. These mitigate the effect of drops straying in flight from their aim points and possibly then spreading and coalescing on the substrate before they can be cured.

Overcome technical challenges with the help of BreakThrough
BreakThrough is an engineering service for industrial printing press vendors that helps them to overcome any technical challenges that are preventing product shipment. The company’s experts in color, screening and RIPs work alongside the press manufacturer to create a solution that is truly customized to their press and its operating environment. Global Graphics gives the manufacturer access to its tools through its unique pool of print scientists and engineers with decades of specialist knowledge exactly when they need them. Some of the solutions the company is working on include cross head calibration, clustering and chaining on output, ink estimation and controlling the beta test environment.

Editors notes

About ScreenPro
Global Graphics has published a white paper that addresses the quality challenges associated with high-speed grayscale presses and explains how ScreenPro works to mitigate the quality variables. This white paper, “Halftone Screen Optimization for Single-Pass Inkjets,” can be downloaded from the Global Graphics website at .  

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