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12 June 2018

Global Graphics Software licenses Rampage LLC patents

Global Graphics Software is licensing three patents covering inventions by Mitchell J. Bogart, the inventor and managing member of Rampage LLC.  

The Company plans to utilize the methods alongside its own software solutions for inkjet and to pass on the benefits exclusively to its OEM customers.

The three patents are U.S. Patent Nos. 9,053,410, 9,734,440, and 9,278,566 which cover the Quantone™ processing methods of screening and compensation for multiple gray-level digital presses and automatic print head registration.

“We think the inkjet industry will welcome these inventions and that is why we are adding them to our portfolio,” says Gary Fry, the CEO of Global Graphics.  “They will sit well alongside our own inventions in screening and calibration technology and are an important consideration for anyone looking at high-speed inkjet technology. We decided to license them so that our OEM customers will benefit exclusively.  As a result, we really do have this sector covered in relation to using software to improve the quality of inkjet output.”

Mitch Bogart, managing member of Rampage LLC, comments, “Rampage LLC is proud to be licensing these patents to Global Graphics Software, a prestigious first to value our breakthroughs.  The Rampage solution provides improved smoothness, higher image quality, and accurate, stable calibration and compensation for any digital press whose specifications include the terms ‘variable dot size’ or ‘2 or more bits per pixel.’ Our simplified registration method works for any digital press making use of multiple print heads both down and/or across the page.  We look ahead to further collaboration with Global Graphics Software to further enable them to provide the highest features, qualities, and speeds to their digital printer and digital press OEM customers.”

Editors notes

About Global Graphics Software
Global Graphics Software  is a leading developer of platforms for digital printing, including the Harlequin RIP®, ScreenPro, Fundamentals, and Mako. Customers include HP, Canon, Durst, Roland, Kodak and Agfa. The roots of the company go back to 1986 and to the iconic university town of Cambridge, and, today the majority of the R&D team is still based near here. Global Graphics Software is a subsidiary of Global Graphics PLC (Euronext: GLOG).

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About Rampage LLC

The CTO of Rampage LLC ( ) helped develop the Rampage Ripping System, one of the most advanced pre-press systems for traditional lithographic and web offset presses.  The newly launched Rampage LLC Quantone™ system provides significant improvement for production inkjet presses, surpassing even offset quality.  Scalably implemented on single CPU systems up to today’s incredible GPUs, Quantone™ can keep up with today’s fastest digital presses.


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