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If you're developing an inkjet press you'll know that the problem of non-uniformity or banding is difficult to resolve. PrintFlat removes directional non-uniformity from inkjet output to achieve fine granularity on single-pass and multi-pass applications.

Find out more about the PrintFlat technology in this short explainer video.


Unique solution

Developed by our screening experts and tried and tested on dozens of inkjet presses, you can add PrintFlat to any workflow


Quick to market

PrintFlat reduces development time and gets you to market quickly. It’s easily customizable and brandable to your press


Optimize inkjet quality

PrintFlat removes banding to create a uniform print


Easy to integrate

Save time by solving banding problems in software rather than hardware. PrintFlat is quick to integrate into your solution


Any inkjet device

Effective for single-pass and multi-pass applications


Easy to commission

Ensure customer acceptance by using PrintFlat on new presses. Users can recalibrate in the field

“We have already implemented ScreenPro with PrintFlat on all of our digital presses. Any visible banding and quality issues with very difficult jobs have been removed by 100%.”

Maximilian Ellerhold, CEO, Ellerhold AG


PrintFlat recipient of a 2019 InterTech Technology Award

Removes banding from inkjet printing.

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2019 Intertech Technology Awards

The problem of banding

Non-uniformity or banding is especially acute on areas of flat tints with the result that printed output is unacceptable to you and your customers. Left unresolved, it could prevent you from going to market with a new press.

Out in the field this problem has a severe impact on your customers who can either not run certain jobs on their inkjet press or, in some sectors of the market, are forced to sell their output at a discount. With PrintFlat you and your users have a solution that is quick to deploy and cost-effective, and it can be applied to any workflow with or without a RIP.

Before PrintFlat is applied.

After PrintFlat is applied.

How does PrintFlat work?

PrintFlat corrects for density non-uniformity, commonly caused by variation within a print head, between heads or wear on the head(s). These attributes result in banding on the printed output which is very difficult to correct for in hardware, for example by tuning voltages.

With PrintFlat every nozzle can be addressed separately on any head/electronics to achieve very fine granularity. PrintFlat can adjust the density within ScreenPro to produce uniform density across a print bar. The process can be automated for closed-loop correction, and, unlike correction by adjustment of voltages, there is no effect on jetting stability of head lifetime, nor ink pressure and timing/drop speed variation.

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Global Graphics Software has a long history in screening innovation dating back to its patented FM or stochastic screening technology of the 1990s. With the advent of inkjet printing Global Graphics has developed new screening technologies in response to press manufacturers' concerns about image quality. We work closely with our customers to find the best solution to suit your needs. Read about our Technical Services team.