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Harlequin Host Renderer is a Raster Image Processor, or RIP. It converts text and image data from many file formats including PDF, TIFF™ or JPEG, into a format that a printing device such as an inkjet printhead, toner marking engine or laser plate-setter can understand. It produces unbeatable quality at very high speed. Which means that with the Harlequin Host Renderer at the heart of your DFE you can keep presses running at rated speed, even on the most complex jobs, without incurring high costs.

“Global Graphics technology is proven in the field. We have thousands of customers today whose commercial presses use the Harlequin-based HP Production Pro. Harlequin offers the needed processing power to drive labels and packaging workflows and Global Graphics has proved itself to be a very responsive technology partner.”

Roy Faigenbloom, HP Indigo Product Manager



The fastest RIP available requires less hardware so reduces manufacturing costs


Easy to integrate

Reduced time to market and engineering costs



Compliant with industry standards, including PDF/X and PDF/VT. Now with PDF 2.0 support.



Extremely flexible control, configuration and memory model



Supported on 32- and 64-bit Microsoft Windows, 64-bit Linux and macOS



Built-in font rendering, color management and screening or use your own.

New in Harlequin Host Renderer 12
• PDF 2.0 support • In-RIP barcode generation • Dynamic overlays
Unrivalled speed

The Harlequin Host Renderer includes Harlequin Parallel Pages™ allowing the RIP to process one page while it’s still rendering the previous one. It greatly extends multi-threading support, so you can use both your workstation and server-grade multi-core CPUs more efficiently.

Harlequin VariData™ greatly accelerates the processing time of PDF files containing variable data whether they're submitted as regular PDF or as PDF/VT. It uses a unique method of intelligently recognizing repeated content and responds to changes in variable data usage.

Exceptional color management and screening

Harlequin ColorPro™ allows you to achieve accurate brand color emulation, high-quality image reproduction and offers a variety of methods to maintain pure blacks through the color engine.

Combined with the Harlequin Screening, including multi-level screening with Advanced Inkjet Screens, you have guaranteed high quality printing every time. And you can configure the output raster output formats to suite your needs: color spaces, channel interleaving and bit-depth.

Extensive compatibility

The Harlequin Host Renderer complies with a broad array of color- and print-related standards, including PDF/X, PDF/VT and ICC. Harlequin Host Renderer supports all of the features in the PDF 2.0 specification that are relevant for production printing.

Estimate costs and plan ahead

Budget and plan accordingly by estimating in advance how much a job will cost to print. By rendering pages from the actual job file submitted (or pre-production proof job), and then analyzing the resulting raster, you can accurately estimate the ink and toner usage - great for assisting with inventory management, to improve the data used for future job estimates, or even to form a direct input to every job quote.

Harlequin RIP is the industry’s fastest print engine
Independent speed tests show that the Harlequin RIP delivers pages far in excess of the rated speeds of the industry's highest performing digital presses.
Working with you
Every customer is unique

Global Graphics is not just a RIP supplier - a close development partnership is critical to achieve your goals and we engage early with you in the pre-planning process and work with you to optimize performance within your environment. If you need help to get your press to market or have a technical issue that's stopping you from reaching that market, our dedicated experts can help you to break through any barriers. Read about our Technical Services team. Support is important to us and we closely integrate our support teams with yours to fine-tune the RIP to particular use cases.

Flexible and open commercial model

We work with you to support your business goals and pride ourselves on our flexibility to match your requirements. We are open to discuss pricing models, such as per device pricing, which allows you to increase the number of RIPs required or set a number of RIPs per customer.


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