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With ScreenPro you can achieve excellent print quality at high speeds on your digital inkjet press.

ScreenPro is a multi-level screening engine that will complement any workflow. You can license it on its own, or as part of the Fundamentals software and BreakThrough services package provided by our Technical Services team.

ScreenPro™ is an independent screening engine which is RIP and workflow agnostic

Already implemented with RIPs from Adobe, Caldera, ColorGATE, Ergosoft, Esko, Harlequin, Meteor Inkjet, Sofha & Xitron.

2018 Intertech Technology Awards


Complements any workflow

Add ScreenPro to any RIP, (eg Esko, EFI and Sofha), not just Harlequin


Tune to your press

Optimize print quality by tuning the screens for your press

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Quick to market

Reduce development time and get to market quicker


Optimize inkjet quality

Produce very smooth images and graduations or sharp text and barcodes


Accurate tone reproduction

Generate accurate tone reproduction by building density compensation into the ScreenPro halftone definition


Any number of colorants

Create screens for virtually any number of colorant levels and choose which levels you want to use

Problem with chaining and streaking artifacts?

Counteract streaking on output from inkjet presses with Pearl, one of two new Advanced Inkjet Screens from Global Graphics Software.

ScreenPro application

ScreenPro is available as a white label application that is fully brandable with your logo and styling, ready to go to market. Available on Windows it comes with its own installer and license tool.

ScreenPro Core

The ScreenPro engine is available as a cross platform development component to integrate seamlessly into your workflow solution. 

ScreenPro Direct

Multiple ScreenPro engines can run on the same server or offloaded onto separate computers. This parallel processing of screens leads to blistering speeds especially with dedicated ScreenPro engines sending print data at press speed directly to the drive electronics driving individual print bars for each color.

Use with any RIP

ScreenPro can be added to any RIP that can create eight-bit contone output (e.g. Esko, EFI and Sofha). So if you have a RIP that consumes a PDL that Global Graphics doesn’t support, like IPDS and AFP, you can still benefit from Global Graphics' leading edge screening technology.

Advanced Inkjet Screens

Advanced Inkjet Screens (AIS) improve print quality “out of the box” on many inkjet presses so they are quick to deploy.

Pearl for absorbent substrates

Pearl is an advanced dispersed (FM) screen, optimized for natural images on a more or less absorbent substrate. It is targeted especially at addressing chaining and streaking artifacts.

Mirror for non-absorbent, poorly wettable substrates

The Mirror Advanced Inkjet Screen is designed with a microstructure targeted at countering the mottling or “orange peel” effect that can be seen when solid colors are used on non-absorbent or poorly-wetting substrates, such as tin cans or some plastics on flexible packaging.



PrintFlat corrects for density non-uniformity, commonly caused by variation within a print head, between heads or wear on the head(s). These attributes result in banding on the printed output which is very difficult to correct for in hardware, for example by tuning voltages.


In ScreenPro every nozzle can be addressed separately on any head/electronics to achieve very fine granularity. PrintFlat can adjust the density within ScreenPro to produce uniform density across a print bar. The process can be automated for closed-loop correction and, unlike correction by adjustment of voltages, there is no effect on jetting stability or head lifetime, nor ink pressure and timing/drop speed variation.

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PrintFlat removes banding from inkjet printing

PrintFlat corrects for density non-uniformity, commonly caused by variation within a print head, between heads or wear on the head(s).

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