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14 May 2019

Durst’s Print Workflow gets ready for PrintFlat

Global Graphics Software and Durst’s system integrators, Prepress Digital, have worked together to prepare the Durst Print Workflow for PrintFlat™, the ground-breaking screening software that smooths out inkjet printhead non-uniformity. Durst are exhibiting the Symphony workflow at FESPA stand B4-J10.

PrintFlat mitigates the variations that can occur when a print-bar is first built and as inkjet heads begin to wear or are replaced. It is applied to a workflow by the ScreenPro™ screening engine.

“Variations in inkjet output are inevitable over time,” says Hans Peter Schneeberger, Prepress Digital’s managing director. “It’s a problem that has been taxing press vendors globally, so we have been watching the development of PrintFlat with interest. This move by Durst is an insurance policy for driving Durst presses in combination with Durst Print Workflow: in the future they will be able to calibrate their presses, after they’ve changed printheads or when they start to wear, as easily as applying their colour management profiles. The fact that Global Graphics Software has developed ScreenPro as a standalone engine means that it is quick to integrate.”

Jeremy Spencer VP of print sales at Global Graphics Software says, “Tackling variations & non-uniformity can be a tough nut to crack. If you try to fix it mechanically it doesn’t always resolve the artifact and may even introduce other unwanted artifacts. Non-uniformity can be an expensive and lengthy process to resolve, that’s why PrintFlat is gaining traction in the market because it solves a problem swiftly.”

ScreenPro™, as a main component of the Durst Print Workflow is an ultra-high-speed screening engine tuned to smooth out imperfections in inkjet output. It is the recipient of several industry accolades such as the InterTech™ Technology Award in 2018, an Angel Award by Image Reports magazine, and featured in the top ten technologies of 2018 by Sean Smyth writing in Digital Labels and Packaging Magazine.

Global Graphics has a long history in screening innovation dating back to its patented FM or stochastic screening technology of the 1990s. In the age of digital printing, and inkjet in particular, Global Graphics has developed new screening technologies from the ground up in response to press manufacturers’ concerns about image quality in single pass inkjet applications.


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